Data Exchange News

End of July to December reporting period - Three weeks to finalise your data entry

The July to December reporting period has ended. Please be aware you now have three weeks to finalise your data entry. We would like to encourage you to enter your data as soon as possible so we can help you “fix” any data entry errors that may have occurred over the last six months.
Please be aware that if data has not been entered into the Data Exchange before 30 January, you will have missed the cut-off and your data will not be accepted.
Your Funding Arrangement Manager is often your primary contact point and the Data Exchange Helpdesk can offer support on technical queries between 08.30am – 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday (via email or phone 1800 020 283). 

Update to the System Reopening Request Form

The system reopening request form has been updated to allow a more streamlined approach to system reopening requests. The form’s look and feel have changed significantly. As such, task cards for the form have been updated and are accessible on the Data Exchange website under IT Access.

Please note that submitting a system reopening request form does not guarantee your organisation will be approved, as it will have to meet exceptional circumstance requirements.