Wellness and Reablement (ASM) 2016-2017 Implementation Plan Reviews and Diversity Planning 2016- 2017 Reviews

Earlier this week Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home and Community Care Program for Younger People Service Providers were advised by Kevin McInerney, North Division, Department of Health and Human Services of a change in the submission date for 2016-2017 Wellness and Reablement (ASM) and Diversity Planning reviews.  Reviews are now due on 31 January 2018.

The change in submission date has occurred to provide the Commonwealth Department of Health with the opportunity to use the information collected from the reviews to support national reviews for service sector development, which includes both wellness and reablement and diversity initiatives.

Templates and guidelines for completing your 2016-2017 Wellness and Reablement Implementation Plan Review and Diversity Planning Review have been forwarded to your organisation. 

For further information and support please contact: Carolyn Bolton, North Metro Sector Development Team Coordinator on 0499 784 465 or email carolynb@hwpcp.org.au

Completed reviews should be forwarded to admin@hwpcp.org.au with a copy to CHSP.VIC.Team2@health.gov.au by 31 January 2018.