Latest News from Data Exchange

  • Seeking your feedback on the Translation Matrix
  • Using the Data Exchange reports to ensure data quality
  • Tips to prepare for the end of reporting

Seeking your feedback on the Translation Matrix

The Data Exchange is reviewing its Transition Matrix. This resource helps organisations in the Partnership Approach convert results from commonly used outcomes measurement tools into the Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting (SCORE) framework.

We are interested in hearing from all organisations that report through the Data Exchange. To provide your feedback, please complete a short survey  by no later than Tuesday, 12 December 2017.

Using the Data Exchange reports to ensure data quality

As the close of the July - December 2017 reporting period approaches, we recommend that your organisation make use of the powerful Data Exchange reporting tools to check the quality of the data already provided.

All organisations can access the Organisation Overview report, to view the scale of your organisation’s service delivery including service types, outlets, session attendance and client demographics.

Reports help identify areas where the data is different to what you would have expected (based on last reporting period’s data and your knowledge of your current delivery pattern); and where you have little or no data uploaded for the current reporting period.

Organisations who participate in the ‘Partnership Approach’ have an additional series of partnership reports to help analyse and improve their outcomes reporting.

Tips to prepare for the end of reporting

To avoid difficulties in meeting the 30 January 2018 reporting period close, we encourage your organisation to:

  • upload data as regularly and as early as possible;
  • test systems and upload methods to identify any issues in advance, and have the time to make changes if needed. This is particularly important if your organisation uses the ‘bulk upload’ method; and
  • seek early advice and support if you identify any issues.

Your Grant Agreement Manager is often your primary contact point and the Data Exchange Helpdesk can offer support on technical queries between 08.30am – 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday (via email or phone 1800 020 283).