Sector Change Management and Support in Victoria

Sector Change Management and Support activities in Victoria aim to support both governments, sector support positions and funded organisations to manage change occurring across the aged and disability sectors.

This incorporates the following strategies: 

  • Supporting CHSP and HACC-PYP organisations to be informed so that they can respond effectively to change in Aged Care and HACC-PYP;
  • Gathering intelligence on system wide issues, risks and opportunities; 
  • Facilitating the embedding of a service delivery system change to put wellness and reablement first increasing client independence, wellbeing and satisfaction;
  • Enhancing access to services to those most marginalised.

A regional sector development team is in each of the nine Aged Care Planning Regions to build partnerships, share information and support providers to manage change and to improve service access and service delivery.

Each team consists of a Wellness and Reablement Consultant (formerly ASM IC), Diversity Advisor (DA), Aboriginal Development Officer (ADO) and Regional Development Coordinator (RDC).

Each Sector Development team member has a specific set of priorities, accountabilities and expectations about how to work together to maximise the effectiveness of the change agenda.

CLICK HERE for a full description of the Sector Development Team and how they work together to support service providers and in collaboration with each regional community care alliance.  

If you require assistance please contact Christina Micallef, North Metro Regional Development Coordinator, on 0477 398 294.