Extension to Diversity Planning and Wellness and Reablement Implementation Planning Cycles

North Division, Department of Health and Human Services advised CHSP and HACC PYP providers late last week of an extension to the current Diversity and Wellness and Reablement (W&R) planning cycles until 30 June 2018.  

This means the 2018/19 Diversity plans, Wellness and Reablement implementation plans and organisational reviews of2017/18 plans are no longer due in December 2017.  This extended time frame provides an opportunity for Commonwealth reform directions to be delivered and incorporated into a strategic sector development team planning approach.   

During this extension period service providers are expected to continue to work on their current initiatives.  Further details about this change will be advised shortly. 

If you have any queries, please contact Carolyn Bolton, North Metro Sector Development Team Coordinator on 0499 784 465 or email: carolynb@hwpcp.org.au.