Elder Abuse prevention Network (north Metro)

The EAPN (North Metro) is part of the Integrated Model of Care for Responding to Suspected Elder Abuse, which is being trialed at five Victorian health services.

Contact: Dolly Huang, Merri Health, (03) 9304 9211; 0427 340 083

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my aged care users group (North Metro)

Bringing together Intake and Service Access staff, practitioners, assessment services and other users of the My Aged Care portal and referral pathway system operating within the North Metro region.

Contact: Christina Micallef, Regional Development Coordinator, 0477 398 294; or christinam@hwpcp.org.au

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North Metro Access and Support Network

Providing sector development, issues management pathway and peer support to Access and Support workers supporting CHSP and HACC-PYP service users within the North Metro region.  This group is supported by both the North Metro Regional Development Coordinator (RDC), the Northern Regional Assessment Service Coordinator, the North Metro Diversity Advisor and the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria.

Please contact Fiona Van Arkadie, Access & Support, Northern Health to register your interest at:  fiona.vanarkadie@nh.org.au

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Providing North Metro Social Support service providers with responsive, collaborative support in the delivery of programs and services that are consumer driven and reflective of a wellness and reablement model of health and well being.

This group is currently forming. Please contact the North Metro Wellness and Reablement Consultant, Carolyn Bolton, to register your interest at:  carolynb@hwpcp.org.au

NortherN Social Support Network (NSSN)




Homelessness NetwoRking Group

This group is currently forming. Please contact the North Metro Diversity Advisor,  Lisa Tribuzio, to register your interest at: lisat@hwpcp.org.au